Your Full Service Shoe Store…and more!

At Sam’s, we breathe new life into items you thought you’d have to give up. Are your favorite shoes too tight or missing a heel? Does your favorite leather jacket have a tear? Need to replace a zipper on that nostalgic laptop bag? Want to repair your ‘good luck’ baseball glove? Just bring it to Sam’s!

We have been perfecting the art of fitting and repairs for three generations.  Enjoy our personal attention, “sit and fit” shopping experience, and our competitive pricing. All with the bonus of free minor repair on purchases.

Shoe & Gear Repair

Don't trash it, rejuvenate it! Extend the life of footwear, garments, and gear.

Shoe & Boot Sales

Get the perfect match for your feet with our "Sit & Fit" shopping experience.

Shoe Modifications

Are your shoes or boots not fitting right? We can make special footwear mods.

Recraft – Rejuvenate – Recondition

Boot & Shoe Repair Services
From work shoes and boots to loafers and heels, don’t throw away the footwear you love. We can mend, re-bond, re-sole, waterproof, patch, and refurbish so you can get them back where they belong…on your feet.

Boot & Shoe Modification Services
Shoes not fitting the way they used to? Need the soles or arches modified to better suit your foot? We offer a wide range of modifications such as stretching, height discrepancy, pronate (rolling in), supinate (rolling out), and much more to suit your specific needs.

Leather Garment & Item Repair Services
“Shoe Service” may be our name, but our experience goes  beyond footwear. Leather, Velcro, Zippers. Buckles, and Elastic are just some of the repairs we offer to bring bags, purses, gloves, jackets, hats, and more back to life.

Yes! We sell footwear and orthotics!

From work boots and safety boots to shoes made for comfort and orthotic insoles, we have a wide range of footwear products in stock. Come visit and we’ll literally walk you through your options and help you select the perfect pair through our “Sit and Fit” service.